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The Little Loo


Our Modern thinking space saving unisex or Male & Female set up, This is a drivable honey wagon with matching modern luxury cubicles. This honey wagon  can  park where you need it too, close to the crew without taking up masses of space as you would with a trailer and large 4x4 towing vehicle normaly used. The Little Loo is Fitted with Low power LED lighting,MP3 music player and low energy heating system, push taps and under floor water holding tanks. We have also fitted this with hand towel dispensers & touch free hand sanitisers.  

This honey wagon is powered by its own 2.8 kva generator fitted in the rear or off a 13 amp plug socket.

The Little Loo

The   Little Loo

IMG_3868 IMG_3884 IMG_3887 IMG_3890


2.0 meters wide

3.2 meters high

5.4 meters long